Friday, August 21, 2015

Stable Stories - Married with Horses

I sat down to interview a friend’s non-horsey husband. I wanted to find out just what he thinks of his wife’s horse habit:

Q: Do you know what Hand Grazing is?
A: It’s when I pull $20 bills out of my pocket and feed them to the horse, right?

Q: What chores do you help with around the farm?
A: How much time do we have? Let’s just say the honey do list never ends and she has me building all kinds of crazy contraptions for her to prance over. The most enjoyable thing for me is driving my tractor, using ABI Equine’s TR3 and doing “Man Work”.
Q: (laughs) What constitutes “Man Work”?
A: Chopping wood, digging in the dirt and using heavy duty power tools.

Q: When you see your wife riding her horse, what do you see?
A: (laugh) Apart from the $100 bills floating away in the dust, I see a strong, passionate person with unyielding love for her horse and the sport.

Q: What discipline does your wife ride?
A: Western, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m trying to learn, but I will admit that I don’t know all the rules & the lingo. Sometimes I feel like throwing the red challenge flag at the judges for a review. And I could definitely use a color commentator telling me what is actually happening in the arena.

Q: Driving the truck & trailer to the horse shows must be fun, right?
A: Are you kidding? She won’t let me drive! I lose all rights to the truck come Thursday night when she is packing to leave for the weekend spending spree.

Q: If your wife spends so much time in the barn, do you do most of the house work?
A: Heck No! We hired a cleaning lady. My wife would rather clean stalls than clean the house.

Q: All right tough guy, what do you say to your wife right before she walks into the ring?
A: You mean after I’m done polishing her boots? (laughs) I tell her, “I’m so proud of you and no matter what happens, I love you!”.

Q: I’m charmed. Thanks for your time!

Our habits as equestrians and the fierce love we have for our horse partners can sometimes leave outsiders scratching their heads in wonderment... but we wouldn’t have it any other way. My interviewee mentioned that he enjoyed how happy it made his wife. He proudly proclaimed he is the honorary treat giver (and that the horse likes him better than his wife).

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