Monday, April 1, 2013

What's Your Story?

Do you have a small horse arena? How about a larger farm, or ranch? Or, do you operate a Little League field or a professional baseball stadium? However you use your ABI products, we want to hear from you!

Check out Carol's story in the videos below, as she shares how she uses her Arena Rascal Pro for her small facility, and how it makes her life easier, her arena cleaner, and her horses happier. And, how her ABI Manure Spreader to take care of her land. After you've watched Carol's videos, let us know about your own ABI experience! Do you use an Arena Rascal Pro? How about a Manure Spreader, Dragmaster, or Infield Rascal? How do you use your products everyday, and what features do you like about them?  We want to hear your ABI experience on Innovations at Work, Everyday.

Contact us with your story, and you could be featured in an upcoming video just like Carol, where you'll be able to share your ABI experience with the world!

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