Thursday, January 24, 2013

DuraEdge Endorses ABI Infield Rascal

Check out Grant McKnight (owner of DuraEdge, left) and the majority owner of ABI and Inventor of the Infield Rascal, Kevin Keigley last week at the Sports Turf Managers Association in Daytona Beach. DuraEdge now officially endorses the Infield Rascal, and had the awesome product in their show booth!

DuraEdge specializes in the production of top-quality engineered soil products for the athletic field and golf course industries. Using their Engineered Soil Technology, they manufacture infield surface blends that are relied upon by many major league, minor league and collegiate baseball facilities. ABI is honored to have received the full faith & endorsement of DuraEdge, and renowned engineered soils industry expert, Grant McKnight.

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